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Struggling to make money in your network marketing business?

There are five essential network marketing tools you will need if you want to grow your business online & create duplication.

Network Marketing Tool #1: Sales Funnel

75% of my network marketing signups have come through some sort of sales funnel.

A sales funnel that will capture leads, follow up with your leads, present the presentation while YOU sleep, and create signups on demand will create that automation for your business.

Click here to see my Ueconomy Sales Funnel.

If you need the share code to turn this on, please leave a comment!

Network Marketing Tool #2: The Duplication Mechanism

Now, before you even share your sales funnel, ask yourself this important question.

“How do you make money if you join my network marketing team?”

While the heavy hitters will create their own sales funnels and go out to their own list, you need a method for the 80% who don’t have a list or a sales funnel.

That’s why I recommend ClickFunnels because they have ready-to-go funnels for you that are easy to customize with your link, your videos, your headlines AND more importantly, thoses are “shareable”.

You can share those funnels with your signups so they can capture their own leads and build their own business. If you don’t have ClickFunnels, then, I will setup your first funnel at no cost to you if you go through my link below.

Click Here for a 14-Day Trial Membership to ClickFunnels

Network Marketing Tool #3: Autoresponder

How are you going to follow up with your leads? Are you going to call them back? Do you want to email them automatically? Are you going to text blast them? Pick one or two follow-up mechnisms so your leads can take action through your directions.

I personally use GetResponse and Free Google Voice for most of my marketing follow-ups.

Click Here for a $1 Trial for GetResponse

Google Voice is a free texting service where you can give out a phone number and receive texts straight to your email.

Click Here to Setup Your Free Google Voice

Your follow-ups direct YOUR leads while also establishing trust & actions for them to follow to build their own business.

Network Marketing Tool #4: Traffic

Every week, there’s another overnight leader teaching a new traffic strategy.

The truth is: MOST OF THEM WORK!

Pick two or three and create a traffic ritual everyday.

When you build a habit around getting traffic & new leads, then YOUR business will increase over time as you put this habit into motion.

Right now, I recommend:

  • Creating a Sales Funnel through ClickFunnels (which allows you to split test different colors and headlines and formats to get a winning page).
  • Create a 7-Email Follow-Up Series directing your leads to reach out with any questions and how to contact you with questions.
  • Create a triad of traffic: YouTube, Facebook, and ______. When you focus on creating real value and delivering this through these channels, you’ll create more traffic and quality leads that TRUST you.

That will increase your commissions and build your network marketing business.

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Do You Need a Free Ten Minute Traffic Guide?

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Network Marketing Tool #5: Team

The last network marketing tool you need to build duplication and increase your signups is: A TEAM HUB!

This is where your team gets updates, marketing tools, training, rewards and recognition.

I have used three network marketing team methods here:

The Facebook Group: This is the fastest, easiest way. Honestly, you need to have a lot of “helpers” in your group to answer questions throughout the day. If one helper sees it, they can instantly jump in.

Facebook Groups have a ton of limitations with updating members, live events, and delivering marketing tools where team members can find them easily!

(Feel free to explore other tools like Skype Groups)

That’s why I recommend:

The Membership Method: Create a WordPress Membership site and deliver your content through a “blog”. Each page can be password protected or each member can create their membership within the site. That allows you to email members with new marketing tools and specials going on with the company.

The Live Event Method: One of the fastest ways to create duplication and to build your team is by using free live events to deliver your message.

The way the live event method works is simple: Everyone invites their prospects to your Live Webinar done through Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, or GoToWebinar. Then, you present the offer & answer any questions then direct prospects to get back to the person who invited them here.

You can go a step further and program the signup button to work on the same page for your network marketing team to get credit for any signups during the event.

This also works for team members when you have special announcements, team blitzes, or new marketing tools to share with the team.

If you need any help with programming or sales funnels or getting traffic, I have created a new “help” page. Click here for Kit Elliott’s Help Options.

If you found this article about 5 Tools Everyone In The Network Marketing Industry Should Be Using interesting and useful, please share and comment below. I’ll be interested in hearing your questions & your results.

Share and Conquer,

Kit Elliott - Super Affiliate

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