is focused on helping everyone from the little guy to the stay at home mom to the serious entrepreneurs create a “Lifestyle Business” that generates both financial freedom as well as time freedom.

I talk to hundreds of people who are tired of the struggle, tired of the day-in/day-out with nothing to show for it. When I surveyed 5,000 “work from home” people, the top five questions that came in were:

  • Where do I start?
  • What tools do I use?
  • What blueprint do I follow?
  • How do I advertise?
  • How do I track my advertising?
  • How do I earn income online?
  • What system do I use?
  • What skills do I need?
  • How much money can I earn?
  • Where do you find the time?

If you’re looking for more money… more personal fulfillment… and more freedom to live life on your own terms… you’re on the right site.


Mimage1y name is Kit Elliott, and yes, it’s true – before becoming a full-time internet marketing entrepreneur, I taught sixth grade Science in South Dallas, TX. I can remember having $55,000 in student loan debt, and getting my first real paycheck out of college. The total take home was $2282 for the entire month.

Then, it hit me. THIS IS ADULTING! I have to make $2282 stretch for the entire month, and there are plenty of months where money ran out the last week of the month. On top of working day and night doing lesson plans & dealing with 100 students and their parents.

I’m not saying it was a nightmare, but the stress of the job soon got to me. I had nerve damage in my leg as a result of this daily stress. I started developing cloudy brain & the first signs of diabetes (it does run in my family).

I needed something else…

11324132_10155775465535051_539472714_nLuckily, I had the summers off and that allowed me to search for other ways to make money. I found a t-shirt company
that allowed me to sell t-shirts on a “rugby” blog. Oh yeah, I played rugby in college so that was the first niche that I chose when I started affiliate marketing. It was an instant goldmine back in the day because, I could advertise on Google for pennies per click. That means that I could show my ad millions of times to anyone searching for rugby terms, and if they clicked on my ad – Google charged me a penny.


And my t-shirt affiliate commission was $12 per shirt. The conversion rates were through the roof. For every $1 I spent on advertising, I earned $100. That was the biggest shift in my education.

I grew up thinking that a “JOB” was the ONLY way to go, and when I started trading marketing money for profits, that’s when the shift from JOB to ENTREPRENEUR started to take over.

Through this discovery, I realized that you CAN have both time and money – but you’ve got to start by building the type of business that can give you both.

That’s why I now focus on the concept of Passive Income. Passive income is money you make (much of it residual) – without ongoing manual labor. It’s money that gives you both financial AND time freedom – so you have more choices about how you live your life.

After all, life is short. And I want to enjoy the ride while I’m here. How about you?

During this journey, two things happened:

My mom’s personal battle with cancer. At a time when my business was taking off (netting $70,000 per month), my mom and dad were battling their own personal problems & struggles. My mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoma. She relied on chemo & diet & exercise to break free and become cancer-free.

My dad’s personal battle with his corporation. At a time when society WAS telling us that we should work 40 hours per week for 40 years to retire with 40% pay, and when my dad put in his time – his corporation Santa Fe RAILROADED his retirement. My dad has lower back issues & standing on the job for 12 hours at a time was no longer an option after 60 years old. When the doctors told him he was no longer able to work, what did the 40 year seniority get him: THE BOOT WITHOUT PAY WITHOUT BENEFITS WITHOUT RETIREMENT AND A FIVE YEAR LEGAL BATTLE!!

The legal battle ended. Corporations drag this out to the bitter end to force a very small and unfair settlement. That’s what a 40/40/40 plan will get you.

This forced him to restructure his life’s savings, get equity loans, cancel lifelong insurance plans & eventually bankrupt my parents. They did this all without our knowledge. We could have stepped in at any second since my business was doing so well. We could have hired them both & brought them on with full benefits like we do every employee & my mom would have received treatment way before this & my parents could have retired & lived on the river somewhere like they had planned all the while.

AND THIS LED ME ON A NEW MISSION: How could I teach or transfer what I was doing in the “affiliate marketing” space to those who need a better way? Is there a way to create sales funnels & systems & processes that the average person can learn how to do & create an online business for their families? Is there a way?

So the journey began…

Every week, people contact me asking, “WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL WORK FOR ME!?” I started getting to know people:

1a5a265What are your skills? How much time do you have? How much marketing money do you have to spend?

I started matching people with their perfect “work from home” online business based on their answers. I stopped caring about the “affiliate commission” and most times, I sent people to other systems, other companies, other people’s training without the focus of trying to make a referral commission or a join my team commission.


And that’s why I created

For me, a “Work from Home” Online Business…

Must create lifetime financial security…
Must continue to produce profits – even when you’re away, enjoying life…
Must create real value for others….
Must give you the ability to do what you want, when you want, with whomever you want… is all about showing you how to create and run your very own online business – so you can enjoy the true freedom that comes with it.

So, if you’re ready to join me in this exciting adventure… to create your own online “work from home” business… giving you financial and time freedom… let’s get it started!





Share and Conquer,

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