How to Make Money with Team of Affiliates | Leveraged Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

How to Make Money with Affiliates through Leveraged Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate contest gets affiliates super-motivated to promote your existing products again. If you’re following our blueprint, Leveraged Affiliate Marketing Blueprint, then you earn commissions when your team of affiliates make sales. Now, here’s an easy, fun way to get them motivated & actually making sales.

The idea for an affiliate contest is simple…

Award prizes for the most orders generated by
affiliates for a specified period of time.

This gets affiliates ACTIVE for a variety of reasons…

  • The friendly competition that surrounds a contest as affiliates scramble to beat others and land at the top.
  • The potential to earn even more (by winning or getting a random draw incentive) for promoting an offer.
  • The built-in deadline that forces affiliates to promote at a specified time or miss out entirely on the contest.

So let me share with you a good system to S.E.T.U.P. a successful affiliate contest.

Take a look:

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  • Step 1: Select Your Affiliate Offer (that has mass market appeal)
  • Step 2: Establish Affiliate Guidelines (which are always made to be broken)
  • Step 3: Tell Your New Team of Affiliates
  • Step 4: Keep Them Up to the Minute Updated
  • Step 5: Recognize Super Affiliates & Newbies

Now let’s walk through each step of the S.E.T.U.P. system in detail…

How to Make Money with a Team of Affiliates

Step 1: Select Your Affiliate Offer (that has mass market appeal)

The first step is to figure out which product you’re going to promote, and how you’re going to promote it in a way that gets prospects excited again. This is where you go back to the previous five strategies and pick the one that works best for your purposes:

  • Flash sale
  • Coupon code
  • New free plus shipping.
  • New version of the product
  • Splintered product

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Of course you can combine some of these strategies. For example, you might create a splintered product and then offer a flash sale for the first 36 hours after launch. Or maybe you create new freebies plus discount coupon codes.

Whatever you choose, be sure to create new marketing materials to upload to your affiliate center. You could also form a team around a new company or new launch (like the new UEconomy Launch)

The marketing materials:

  • Solo ads
  • Autoresponder series
  • Rebrandable report
  • Sales video
  • Banners and other graphics

Then move onto the next step…

Step 2: ESTABLISH Affiliates Guidelines Which Will Get Broken

The next thing you need to do to S.E.T.U.P. your contest is establish guidelines for it.

NOTE: First things first – check your local laws and regulations to be sure that a running this sort of contest is allowed in your jurisdiction. It’s also a good idea to have an attorney help you prepare the rules of your contest, or at least review what you’ve written.

Here are the main points to include as you establish affiliate guidelines:

• What affiliate prizes will be awarded? This may include cash, gift certificates or even gadgets such as iPads or Kindles.

• How will winners be decided? You should have at least three to five big prizes for the top three to five affiliates who sold the most products by the time the contest ends. One of the best prizes is top 20 affiliates get to meet for a private mastermind. Guess what happens? THEY all meet and exchange / share ideas to further promote your product and offer.

IMPORTANT: To get ALL affiliates promoting, you can also offer random-draw prizes. For example, affiliates may get an entry for every product they sell. That way, even affiliates who only make one or two sales still have a chance at winning something.

• When does the contest start and end? Give the exact date and time (along with time zone) so there are no questions about whether particular sales can be counted.

• When will affiliates commissions and prizes be distributed? List the date winners will receive prizes.

• What guidelines must entrants follow? Here’s where you list all the other rules and guidelines to govern your contest. For example, what happens in the event of a tie? Another example: what exact time clock governs the beginning and end of the contest? (This is to settle any
disputes if a sale comes in within seconds after the contest ends, for example.)

Again, it’s a good idea to have an attorney eyeball your rules to be sure it’s lawful and fair.

Next step…

Step 3: Form Affiliate Team & Create Your Mission

Many of your top affiliates plan their publishing schedule well in advance. That’s why you’ll want to tell your affiliates about your contest at least six weeks before the contest is set to begin.

How to Make Money with Team of Affiliate Training with Kit Elliott

They do and don’t.

If the prizes and if the contest is fun competition, they will go to town trying to impress and win. They want to win!

In addition, be sure to remind your marketing partners about the contest regularly. This keeps the contest at the front of their mind, while also giving you the opportunity to start generating excitement over the event. Your marketing partners can also start whetting their prospect’s appetite for the sale, re-launch or other event, which will create excitement in your niche.

TIP: Try to plan your contest at a time when there isn’t another huge contest or product launch going on. This may not be entirely possible, but keep your ear to the ground. Get on JV notification lists and sign up to be an affiliate for the biggest marketers in your niche, which may give you some heads up as to when these big events are occurring.

Next step…

Step 4: Keep Affiliates Up to the Minute Updated

As mentioned earlier, you should remind your affiliates and marketing partners several times about the upcoming contest. Once the contest actually starts, then you should generate excitement by regularly updating affiliates about the contest.


The best way to get everyone on board is to do two things:

Strategy 1: Get everyone in a Facebook Group. That way – all day long – you are announcing leaderboards, prizes, banners, marketing tools, strategies and answering questions. ALL DAY LONG during this contest.

Send daily emails to all affiliates to encourage them to promote. Be sure to emphasize that everyone who sells at least one product has a chance to win a random-draw contest. Also, link to the leader board and encourage everyone to bookmark it and watch it.

Be sure to give affiliates link to access the solo emails, ad graphics and other materials in the affiliate center. Then create a call to action specifically telling them to use these materials to start promoting the offer.

Update the leaderboard daily and announce the time when you will post the update leaderboard (twice a day). You can post a leaderboard in the affiliate center, Facebook group, blog or other private area.

Create competition. When the numbers separating the leaders are close, point this out to affiliates to spur competition. Enable comments beneath the leaderboard (inside the group) so that people can discuss the competition.

In short, keep excitement by getting in contact with your marketing partners every day of the contest.

Last step required to S.E.T.U.P. a successful contest…

Step 5: Recognize Super Affiliates & Newbies

Once the contest is over, be sure to follow your own guidelines about how and when you’ll distribute prizes and most importantly, commissions! Give this a week celebration with great recognition throughout the week.

This is really where the celebration begins…

Create nicknames for your super affiliates. Wonder Woman Wendy. Super Affiliate SuperMan Steve.

When you send out the email, be sure to thank all affiliates for their efforts. You want everyone to feel really good about participating in the contest so that they’re willing to participate in your upcoming contests as well.

When you create a new offer around your existing products (such as a sale or a new edition), PLUS you S.E.T.U.P. an affiliate contest at the same time, you’re bound to generate a ton of interest, excitement, viral buzz and sales.

What if you don’t already have affiliates and partners that you know who would participate in your contest?

What if you need some specific and proven-profitable strategies to combine with the contest to make it uber successful?

In it, you’ll find effective ways to find and recruit affiliates for your contest, as well as dozens of “mini-blueprints” detailing step-by-step instructions for mass-traffic strategies which you can use with your contest.

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If you found this article about How to Make Money with Team of Affiliates interesting and useful, please share and comment below. I’ll be interested in hearing your questions & your results.

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