National Wealth Center – Is this a legit online business?

Read this before joining National Wealth Center. I want to break this down so you know how to make money in National Wealth Center and offer you MY bonus for joining our team.


National Wealth Center Review – The Company

National Wealth Center was founded by CEO Peter Wolfgang a veteran of the network marketing industry since the early 90’s. The company has paid out close to $250,000,000 in affiliate commissions just in the last few years. That tells you real people are making money – lots of money with this company.

To help run the business he brought Marcus A. Taylor and Dr. Stan Harris on board. Both are big names in the network marketing world and both are 7 figure earners.

National Wealth CenterProducts

National Wealth Center has 6 products arranged in product packages as follows:

Self Development – $25 per month

This package contains personal development content which consists of audio and videos. Every month new content is added.

Business Development – $50 per month

This package trains you on key elements to run a successful business. There are audios, videos and write ups at this level as. Once again, new content is added each month.

Wealth Advantage – $100 per month

This package gives guidance about saving money, making more money and managing your money better. New content is added each month.

Fitness Advantage – $250 one-time

With this package they teach you about the correct nutrition and exercise plans to help you enjoy the wealth for years to come. Having wealth when you are sick is just no fun!

Wealth Advantage Elite – $1000 one-time

Investing properly and stock trading are the focus of this package.

Network Marketing Elite – $3500 one-time

Making massive income and building an organization are the focus of this package.

National Wealth Center – Compensation Plan

You get paid 100% commissions on every product that you own. When you purchase any of the products above – you can earn 100% commissions.

National Wealth Center brought back the 100% compensation that was popular 5 years ago. Other companies that introduced the 100% comp plan have changed it many times over and ran their affiliates out. This is one of the ONLY companies that pay you 100% commissions with a small twist in the comp plan..

Your commissions can increase with this “viral” twist.

This twist allows commissions to be made from the efforts of your affiliates. This allows you to use the Leveraged Affiliate Marketing Blueprint and earn commissions from the efforts of others.

First – you breakeven on the first sale of any product that you own. When you can get started for $25, it takes ONE sale to breakeven. You get paid on any products that you have purchased (similar to the Online Franchise Model that came out a few years ago).

Then, you passup the 2nd and 4th sale to the affiliate that referred you. They call this “vertical acceleration”. This is important when you start making sales because…

Your affiliates will be passing you up their 2nd and 4th sale. Take a look at the comp plan video below, and you’ll see that Ellen and Patty just passed you up their 2nd and 4th sale. Those roll up to you.

Then, those four pass you up their 2nd and 4th. Those roll up to you. Now, you just accelerated your commissions from $200 to $1400 with very little effort. When you’re struggling a 9 to 5 and trading time for money, now you leverage automated systems & the efforts of others to increase your commissions.

And you earn a passive residual income on top of the $1000, $3500, and $7500 sales.

There are some key points to this compensation plan.

Break even with one referral. You get your $25 back instantly with your first person referral into the program. If you purchase any product, then, it takes ONE referral to break even on ANY product price level.

Instant pay! All members pay each other directly and instantly. No waiting to get paid! You can take Paypal, take checks, take cash because you are in full complete control over the payment backend.

Compounding Income via the “vertical acceleration” compensation plan! Once you create your own “team” of affiliates, you get their 2nd and 4th sale of EACH product sale.

Residual income by getting paid $25, $50, $100 every 30 days from all referrals on your payline.

High Ticket Commissions by getting paid $1,000 – $3,500 – and even $7,500 per sale.

A big component is the residual income. Let’s say you recruit 22 members a month at just the $25 level.

That’s $500 you made this month.

Do it again and get 20 the next month at just the $25 level. That’s $500 again? NOPE!! That’s $1000 this month. Don’t forget about the first month. This is known as “stacking that cash” which is an affiliate term from about 10 years ago.

The concept is very similar to gaining a piece of rental property & collecting rent.

Then, the next month – adding another rental property to your portfolio. You collect rent on BOTH properties.

The only difference here is – you don’t have to deal with midnight plumbing issues. Now build some more.

Get 20 more the next month after that.

Now, you’re up to $1500 monthly coming into your bank account every month. Keep in mind – the vertical acceleration will kick in when these people pass you up their 2nd and 4th sale. That will triple your commissions fast.

Now, what if that $25 were $125 per month.

Just 22 members = $2500 per month in residual income.

If those members passed you up their 2nd and 4th – your income would increase to $7500 per month without any additional efforts.

This is the 22 plan.

22 members (minus the passup) gives you 20 total members on your team. Purchase the $100 and $25 products, and your income is $2500 per month in passive residual income.

Then, when your members pass you up their 2nd and 4th, your team grows from 20 to 60 total members.

Your income triples from $2500 per month to $7500 per month.

That’s vertical acceleration! That’s the power of this comp plan.


Watch the National Wealth Center Compensation Plan that explains the process in more detail:

Can You Make Money with National Wealth Center?

Most definitely!

When I look for an opportunity or affiliate program to join, ask yourself, “Can you calculate the commission?”

AND with this program, you can most definitely calculate the commission and set benchmarks with this program.

Do the math?

42 signups @ average $125 per month.

MINUS THE 2nd and 4th PASSUP!

You have 40 signups x $125 per month = $5,000 per month in affiliate commissions.

Now you can set benchmarks and ad budgets.

And then, with the accelerated commissions, it can take off with little effort.

That’s why I recommend NWC as one of your go-to companies. They have paid out around $250,000,000 AND many newbies have finally found success with this company. Just listen to some of the success stories.

National Wealth Center – Success Stories

There have been a number of success stories.

Three Ways to Make Money with National Wealth Center

1. Join our team that will help you make sales & grow your commissions. We have leaders on the team helping members with setup & advertising.

Click here to join The Freedom League in National Wealth Center.

2. Create a “sales system” that will help you and your team grow your sales. Right now, you can use our system & advertising to help grow your organization.

Click here to create your National Wealth Center account.

3. Swipe My Sales Funnel & Traffic Sources for NWC

Click here to swipe my sales funnel.


When you join OUR team, you get my leadership bonuses at no cost to you.

arrowrightbluegloss#1) You get a complete team training backoffice with a complete setup guide so you’re never alone & our team is right there with you during setup & growth phases.

arrowrightbluegloss#2) You get access to our “done for you” marketing funnels & system that will help you increase your sales.

arrowrightbluegloss#3) We pay a professional copywriter to write our emails and follow-up sequences for YOUR leads. You will get that at no additional cost to you.

arrowrightbluegloss#4) YOU get our traffic and advertising sources that allow you to CLICK A BUTTON & have traffic coming to your “done for you” marketing funnels instantly.

arrowrightbluegloss#5) YOU get priority access to our AD POOLS where we pitch in to do massive advertising ONLINE & OFFLINE. We split the leads evenly with everyone in the ad pool.

How to Get Setup & Claim Your Bonuses

Let me show you how easy it is to get setup. I’ll walk you through how to “unlock” your products. You can get started for $25.

Then, I’ll show you how to setup your system. Then, if you need any help with setup – text me at 657-777-2750.

Click Here to Complete the Step by Step Setup & Walkthrough Process.

The key really is to put systems in place to automate the sales process. I’ve been saying this for 12 years, and six million dollars later, I am proving this.

Plus, I’m seeing the heavy hitters and other guru’s hop on the automation bandwagon because it flat out works.

After reviewing hundreds of companies…

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After my mom and dad worked 40 hours per week for 40 years AND retired with less than 40% of their pay AND losing it all to greedy corporations, we MUST find a better way to connect you to these systems.


You can succeed with very low barrier to entry here. Low cost & very little technical skills needed.

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    1. Kit

      I believe it’s very similar to a franchise. Take Subway for example. What are they selling? Subway sandwiches…

      Now – Subway asks people to PAY six to seven figures just for the ability to sell sandwiches. (i.e. Franchise Model). They won’t let you get setup – sell their sandwiches – and make money UNLESS you front the franchise fee & the setup costs? Right?

      This works very similar but since it’s all online – the costs to get started are very low compared to an actual brick and mortar store like Subway. I use Subway because my friend just opened three locations at a cost of $500K per location!! Guess what his profit is?

      Not even six figures! He’s NOT even pulling in six figures and working 60 hours per week. That’s why WE must work together to change that… which systems & online marketing & technology can provide a better way!

      1. Kit

        Also, check out the new company called Ueconomy. They are launching new month and this might be what you’re looking for.

        Click here for the official Ueconomy Sales Page

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