Our Recommendation:

We recommend a “The 100% Commission” model. Since you have some programming experience, since you have email experience, I recommend tapping into the 100% commission system.

Here’s why:

  • The 100% Commission Model allows you to earn Passive Residual Incomes so you know what to expect coming in every single week.
  • As you earn commissions, there’s a chance for high ticket commissions that allows you to create that “snowball” effect that you’re looking for as you build your “work from home” business.
  • You need a team leader (or you use the TST Formula for your own personal team). A team leader will help you with marketing tools, marketing systems, and customer support throughout this journey.
  • TST = Traffic, Systems, Team. Use the formula to build your “work from home” income.
  • You focus on improving the processes using the TST Formula (Traffic, Systems, Team).

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