UEconomy Review – Can You Make Money with UEconomy?

So you want to know if UEconomy is legit?

Well so did we so we decided to take a look and see if the company is legit and second if this company, their products and compensation plan are for you.

UEconomy Review – The Company

UEconomy was started by Peter Wolfing in May, 2017.

Peter has a string of successful, viral website hitsand he’s channeling that success into one massive project called UEconomy.

UEconomy Product Categories

UEconomy has split their products up into three categories, and affiliates can earn in all three categories.

UEconomy Launches U-Marketplace

U-Marketplace is a training platform (similar to Udemy) where Members can sell their courses and expertise in any area. The system allows Members to upload their original content/offers… resell rights and private label course… or done-for-you info-products created by UEconomy.

Members keep 95% of every product they sell through the U-Marketpalce.

UEconomy Members unlock the software for as little as $25 (1-time payment). Higher levels of U-Marketplace unlock more Member Benefits – for 1-time prices of $100, $250, and $500.

You can earn 100% net commissions on all sales of the U-Marketplace software levels.

UEconomy Review

UEconomy Launches the U-Academy

U-Academy is the company’s Digital Training Center – where our Entrepreneur Members will find life-changing original coaching and training designed to make them financially free. All products are available online (worldwide) for a 1-time-only payment.

You earn 100% commissions on each level you’re qualified to earn on.

  • U-Mentor: 1-Year Live Group Coaching Program – $1,500
  • U-Digital: The Ultimate Internet Info-Marketing Course – $3,000
  • U-Brand: Creating Your Own Million Dollar Brand Online – $6,000
  • U-Network: Secrets to Becoming a 7-Figure Network Marketer – $12,000
  • U-Live: Tickets to Two Live “7-Figure Coaching” Events – $25,000
  • U-Master: Launch Your Own “Digital Franchise” Empire – $50,000

UEconomy Launches U-Crew

U-Crew is the Marketing Hub – where Members get access to done-for-you marketing pages and sales funnels, a lead capture page builder, autoresponders, a complete contact manager, and more! Members can use the software to promote UEconomy, other opportunities, affiliate offers, or their own products.

The fee is $49.95 a month – and it pays out as many as 12 levels with the unlimited with Unilevel pay plan.

UEconomy Affiliates Can Leverage Other Affiliates:

When you signup to become an affiliate, you pay $49.95 for the U-Crew. Now, part of that money is paid out down 12-Levels. As your team of affiliates grow, you can earn substantial commissions down 12 levels.

Now, you have a small team of affiliates and if you are using the Leveraged Affiliate Marketing Blueprint, you can easily earn six figures with this blueprint and this affiliate program.

UEconomy – 12-Level Compensation Plan

The U-Crew $49.95 monthly fee is commissionable through it’s own 12-level “Unilevel” pay plan. This is a required fee for all UEconomy Members, and here’s what you earn down the 12 levels. Get this: I have 3,000+ affiliates AND 7,200 affiliates on my level 6 and 7 in my current company.

  • Level 1 – $7 a Month
  • Level 2 – $3 a Month
  • Level 3 – $3 a Month
  • Level 4 – $5 a Month
  • Level 5 – $2 a Month
  • Level 6 – $6 a Month
  • Level 7 – $7 a Month
  • Level 8 – $2 a Month
  • Level 9 – $3 a Month
  • Level 10 – $2 a Month
  • Level 11 – $1 a Month
  • Level 12 – $1 a Month

UEconomy Cost to Join

To become a member, you pay $49.95 per month, and you get access to the U-Crew. You also much purchase the $25 package to start earning commissions in the U-Academy. (plus any additional licenses that you want to buy the rights to).

Should You Join UEconomy or Not?

The key really is to put systems in place to automate the sales process. I’ve been saying this for 12 years, and six million dollars later, I am proving this. Also, you want to get in on the ground-floor and plant your flag. BECOME A ROCK IN THIS COMPANY AND DO NOT MOVE!!

Here’s the key: Since I believe that the comp plan will create that freedom you’re looking for, I am going to build you systems and funnels so you can succeed.

You can also use a ready to go, all-in-one system that does all the closing for you. You have to market and advertise the system and the system does the heavy lifting for you. Click here to view the system’s webinar.

Plus, I’m seeing the heavy hitters and other guru’s hop on the automation bandwagon because it flat out works.


After my mom and dad worked 40 hours per week for 40 years AND retired with less than 40% of their pay AND losing it all to greedy corporations, we MUST find a better way to connect you to these systems.


You can succeed with very low barrier to entry here. Low cost & very little technical skills needed.

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UEconomy Review

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