United Games – Online Business or Online Scam?

There has been a lot of buzz about United Games Marketing. When we see that kind of movement we decided to take a look and see if the company is legit and second if this company, their products and compensation plan are for you.


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United Games Review – The Company

United Games Marketing is the creation of Jeff Henderson, company Founder and CEO.

The company is based in South Jordan, Utah with designers in Wasatch Front, Utah as well as in Europe.

Additional team members include Chief Creative Officer Mark Mongie who spent 5 years working with Electronic Arts in Orlando, FL. He was involved with Madden NLF, NCAA Football and NASCAR games as Senior Art Director.

Right off the bat, we have a very experienced team with Jeff Henderson having 22 years of experience with NuSkin and his family members in charge of sales and marketing.

United Games Products

The company is an APP based company that allows you to play solo with your favorite teams from your favorites sports. You even have options to play with friends.

This is the biggest difference in focus:

Keep in mind – this is not a “recruiting” scheme or a “fantasy sports” app. This is a game that you play on your phone with your favorite teams & you get paid for any tokens that your referrals purchase (along with the monthly membership fee). The more people you can get hooked on the game, then that’s where your affiliate commissions would increase over time.

The average player of the game would never know that there is an affiliate model attached to this. (unless the MLM teams come in to build their teams around this)

You receive virtual currency in app to spend on playing certain aspects of the game.

From the company website:

Every Affiliate has the ability to share the United Games app with others, inviting them to download the app and join in the fun.

When they download the app from your invitation, that player will forever be linked to that affiliate.

United Games Reviews – Compensation Plan

So here’s how it works. When you see the app, and your customer buys token, you receive commissions on the token sales.

There are four ranks of sales levels referred to as Zones.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Zone 1 – Sign up as an affiliate and continue to pay the monthly $9.95 affiliate fee
  • Zone 2 – Continue to pay $9.95 a month, recruit 5 Zone 1 qualified affiliates and have 25,000 in total team token volume (no more than 50% from any one unilevel leg)
  • Zone 3 – No info
  • Zone 4 – No info

Those Zone levels lead to your commission rates as listed below:

  • Zone 1 – 10% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and 5% on level 2
  • Zone 2 – 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 3% on level 3 and 2% on level 4
  • Zone 3 – 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 3% on level 3, 2% on level 4 and 1% on levels 5 and 6
  • Zone 4 – 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 3% on level 3, 2% on level 4, 1% on levels 5 to 7 and 0.5% on levels 8 and 9

That’s not all. You also receive a matching bonus dependent upon what Zone you are in:

  • Zone 1 – 20% on level 1 (personally recruited members)
  • Zone 2 – 20% on level 1 and 10% on level 2
  • Zone 3 – 20% on level 1, 10% on level 2 and 5% on level 3
  • Zone 4 – 20% on level 1, 10% on level 2 and 5% on levels 3 and 4

United Games Cost to Join

The cost to become a United Games Marketing member is a $39.99 one-time fee plus and an additional $9.99 one-time fee. The cost could change when they release the fantasy sports app.

United Games – Should You Join or Not?

The market for fantasy sports is MASSIVE. If United Games Marketing can find a way to build a solid customer base the possibilities are endless.

My advice is this:

If you can’t calculate the commissions with a calculator, then the newbie or average person will never hit their goals. How can you set benchmarks on something you can’t calculate?

My college buddy (who has zero experience online) recently called me saying he signed up for free since they won’t charge you until “Fall 2016”.

He said, “Can I just sign up and make money with zero work?”

I wish it were that simple…

You are getting paid 10% of $9.95 which is less than a $1 per person. Then, you’re getting paid 50 cents here and 50 cents there. It would take a huge organization to break the $2,000 per month mark.

If you are a newbie or a beginner making money with United Games, please let me know. I’ll update this immediately with your testimonial. Right now, my advice is stay away for two reasons:

#1) Affiliates can’t calculate the commissions with a calculator, and what you can calculate pays you very small compared to other affiliate programs that are out there right now.

#2) I believe they are making a false connection. If you are launching UBER, then, you wouldn’t need to make any claims or comparisons to other companies. We see the vision & investors jumped on immediately. Right?

I think they are overselling the vision by comparing this to Candy Crush or other apps. The reality is: THEY HAVE A GREAT IDEA WITH A HUGE DEMAND AND AN OPPORTUNITY FOR LONG-TERM GROWTH! It depends on how they execute this idea that will determine growth.

When you do a “what if” or a “look how successful the OTHER guys are” comparisons, that raises flags for me.

Having said that, if the app comes out and you love the app, then get involved with the company. Simple as that.

Get involved with things that make you happy because you will be excited and happy to tell your friends, family and others. Right?

Then, if you want to leverage affiliates and earn additional income & grow your team, you can use the Leveraged Affiliate Marketing Blueprint as your road map to build your organization within United Games.

The key really is to put systems in place to automate the sales process. I’ve been saying this for 12 years, and six million dollars later, I am proving this.

Plus, I’m seeing the heavy hitters and other guru’s hop on the automation bandwagon because it flat out works.

After reviewing hundreds of companies…

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  1. Keith M Bender

    UnitedGames is no longer open to any new Affiliates. So this Article no longer relevant 10/16/2016

    1. Kit

      Hey Keith!

      I’m ready to see the finished product!

    2. Kit

      If you are looking for a brand new launch that pays residuals down 12-Levels and big ticket commissions, check out UEconomy Nation.

      Click here for the Official UEconomy Founder’s Position

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